400ml-measuring-cup-built-in-with-8-kitchen-tools (1)400ml-measuring-cup-built-in-with-8-kitchen-tools (1)

400ml Measuring Cup Built-in with 8 Kitchen Tools

Item No.: 26200
Material: ABS + TPR
Size: 80/Dia x 270/H mm
Weight: 52g
Packing: color box
Meas/ctn: 58x48x58cm/60cs/ctn
G.w./n.w.: 18/16 kgs



400ml Measuring Cup Built-in with 8 Kitchen Tools

1) Fitting of Funnel
Install this fitting to front end of funnel for usage before funnel fails to enter front end of bottle
2) Funnel
It is reserved as funnel. In that way, it is relatively convenient to use powered substance, and combine with measuring cup used as a little vase as an open mouth is relatively spacious
3) Squeezer
Combined with measuring cup, it’s used when squeezing lemon. Its shape is designed reasonably in order to squeeze better
4) Seasoning Grinder
It is used for triturating seasoning such as ginger, horseradish and etc
5) Egg Pulverizator
It is used for pulverizing and separating the egg white and yolk
6) Cheese Grinder
Cut dry cheese very well using it. Please follow direction of arrow to triturate food material when using it
7) Bottle Opener
It is used for open cover of jam jar with firm seal-capping. Grasp bottle cap by covering it on bottle cap when using
8) Utensil for Taking Yolk
Combined with measuring cup, it’s used as a utensil for yolk
9) Weighing Cup
It with degree scale is used for weighing a small amount of things. It is used by combining with each component, and also used as a vessel
Ideal for car, home, office and school as well as promotions etc
Notes of Usage
Don’t place it near fire
Please don’t use funnel fitting for oil items which become slimy once it is attached on oils
Please don’t pull at or fold cap opener which may not recover because of once deformation. In addition, please place it in combination with other fittings for prevent deformation
Please use cap opener for the bottle cap with diameter of about below 7cm
The cap opener to which oil substance is attached become slimy, so please preserve it after cleaning using detergent
When using utensil for breaking eggs, crush food material by back of soup ladle. Please caution that squeegeeing top end causes damage
Please don’t wipe forcibly words and lines printed on each component. Because they may disappear
When moving this product, please keep measuring cup and funnel together
Notes after Usage
After usage, please wipe attachment in order to remove water vapor
Please don’t use it for tableware washing dryer and tableware dryer
Please don’t use it because it becomes deteriorate after wiping it with mighty bond, petrol and etc
Please place it in the site which is not touched by children

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