Another exciting outdoor activity which you can indulge yourself in is canyoning. Although it is technically hiking down a canyon or canyon hiking, the meaning has also been used for other related activities. This includes hiking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling, and even swimming to route-finding and often navigational places.


With such demanding and extreme activities that await you, preparing a good kit is an essential thing to do. Now, here are some of the tips to help you in choosing the right gear for your canyoning activities:


1. For Your Shoes

Finding the right shoes can be a tremendous task. Aside from the undeniable fact that you should choose waterproof boots for your canyoning, there’s a lot more. It is better to look for shoes which are designed explicitly for canyoning because it provides better and useful features. Such features include grippy soles, rubber rands, and which is very comfortable and at the same time breathable for your feet. This is hugely helpful for walking or climbing in slippery surfaces and avoiding having wet or cold feet.


2. For Your Harness

A climbing harness is one of the essentials you will be needing when indulging yourself with an activity such as canyoning. Since the activity involves a lot of climbing and hiking, ensuring that you have the right harness with you is as essential. For newbies, it is advisable to have at least one gear loop for your expedition. There are different harness which is designed specifically for wet, abrasion, and some with lower attachment.


3. For Your Pack

Backpacks can’t be the one missing on the list. A good bag is also essential for you to carry all the other needed equipment for the activity. In choosing a pack, it should provide essential features such as water drainage, abrasion resistant, heavy duty, and has padded shoulders. You should as well double check the material used for durability check, as well as its water-resistant capacity. If you are doubtful, you may also use dry bags as additional protection for your liquid-sensitive equipment.


4. For Your Water Bottles

Staying hydrated is the topmost priority much more if you are doing an extreme activity such as canyoning. Make sure that you pack light and bring enough drinking water with you. Water bottles manufacturer which design and customize water bottles to suit your needs and uses are always present. The standard should be lightweight, handy, and a good match for your extreme activity.


5. For Your Trekking Poles

Trekking poles have many uses, and it is also one of the best tools to utilize especially when you are canyoning. It is already considered as standard equipment for any activity that involves hiking and climbing. There are different types of trekking poles, and it varies depending on the length, weight, materials, and other features. When talking about the length, aim for a 90-degree bend at your elbow when holding the pole. Additional features include adjustability, foldability, shock absorption, locking options which are all beneficial and useful.


6. For Your Safety Gears

Other safety gears such as helmets, canyoning ropes, and descenders will allow you a safe and secure landing in your every climb. Investing in high-quality materials and model is a favor you are doing for your own sake.


●     Helmets

Doing extreme outdoor activity needs exceptional precautions. Wearing a helmet is one of the much needed but often most overlooked essential. In finding for a good helmet, make sure that it is highly rated for climbing uses. You may also look for those with proper ventilation which will be useful in drying your wet head faster. It should be sturdy enough and at the same time lightweight to wear.


●     Canyoning Ropes

Ropes are also essential for your technical expeditions. There are different types of rope; thus it is vital that you know which one you will be needing. For climbing, choose a polyester with stiff design and does not easily stretch. Polyester ropes are also ideal for wet areas because it does not absorb much water compared with other types. The thickness should be between 8 to 10 millimeter.


●     Descenders

This equipment allows you to descend effortlessly in the rocky surface. The best type of descenders does not intertwine with the rope and can be detached effortlessly. You should also pick a device which is suitable for double strings which you need in abseiling. The more techniques that can be used, the better it is for you.


The Bottom Line

Although canyoning is considered to be an extreme sport, it is one of the most challenging that gives you a fair reward. It allows you to witness beautiful areas and rarely seen scenic that is only unfairly given to few. However, as deemed by many, this is a challenging sport, and thus exceptional considerations are necessary. Therefore, choosing the primary gears needed is not an easy task. It requires rigorous planning and intense scrutinizing to details because as the risk is higher, the preparations should be intenser.

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